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I need you as my accountability partner, God.

Expect me to be present –
to bask in your loving glow.
Ask me exactly where I’ve been
when I have failed to show.

Call me to be responsible
to tend what needs I can.
Beckon me to higher ground
(but lend a helping hand).

Insist my faith be integrated
to match my words and deeds
and always keep me humble
so only you are seen.

But I thank you, God.

You forgive me when I let you down –
I’ve failed you many times;
you always keep your promises
when I have not kept mine.

You walk the path of life with me
and redirect my steps.
You remind me I am fully loved
when too often, I forget.

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  1. The days, God, have gone terrible
    after so much shining hope!
    But please hold me accountable
    in knowing how to cope
    with restoration to this place,
    familiar, ordinary,
    path of blood and path of grace,
    the road to my Calvary.
    I dreamed a dream, yes, too, too far,
    that I was gently shown was wrong,
    and back here is where we are;
    Lord, help me to be strong
    in letting go of total healing
    to fully see what You’re revealing.

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  2. I especially love the last phrases – “You remind me I am fully loved/when too often, I forget.” I agree, God’s accountability is *always* hinged on this, and it’s beautiful! Thank you for this.

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