Dear Reader Friends,

I have always loved the benediction at the end of a worship service. The benediction serves to close our time together, and to bless us as we “depart in peace to love and serve others.” Our worship service is a time to praise and thank God, to reflect on Bible readings and a sermon message, to pray for ourselves and others, and to gather and share a meal in community. The benediction then blesses us to take what we have received from Christ and our time together, and to go into our daily living, refreshed and ready for loving service.

What would happen if we were to look back at our workweek, our regular daily living, as a time of worship and reflection? How much would our lives change If we were to review any highlights or common themes that seemed to reveal new insights, lessons, or gifts from God in recent days? How might we deepen in faith and grow in love if we were to close out each week with a benediction – a blessing on what we have received, and a prayer to use what we have gained or gleaned for the week ahead?

I feel drawn to try this practice. Would you like to join me?

Each Friday, I will reflect on the experiences and emotions of the week, prayerfully seek any lessons or insights God may reveal, then offer a benediction to gratefully close and set aside that week, with a blessing to better live and love in the new days ahead.

I pray that my thoughts, words, revelations, and inspirations will be pleasing to God, and will serve to bless you, too.

Your Friend,
Karen 🙂

(Photo by Karen, Hurricane, WV)


  1. Wonderful idea and inspiration to review my prayers and requests. Thank you.


  2. Karen, I love this thought and idea! I will forward to hearing from you on Friday afternoons! A perfect way to end the week…and step away from the internet before the weekend!! I hope you are having a blessed week!! See you on Friday:)


    • Oh, thank you, Jennifer – I hope these bless you, too! I like your idea of stepping away from the internet… I may try that myself. And I will be sure to continue looking up your FMF posts. You are a gifted and inspired writer. Thanks again!


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