In these early autumn mornings
the hills awaken and cast off their blankets to greet the sun,
covering those of us who walk the valley.

The fog envelops me
as a shroud of infinite mystery and unknowing
and yet
the fog embraces me
as a comforter of divine presence and certainty.

Seeing these as one and the same
I know I am catching a glimpse of God. 

(Photo by Karen, Hurricane, WV)


  1. God’s arms lovingly wrapped around me, allowing me to slowly & quietly absorb the goodness of Him, temporarily shielding me from this man made world beyond the fog into which I must step. Ahhh, the first thing I saw & felt yesterday morning!!!

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  2. Beautiful capture of the foggy morning both in word and in photo. We were in the mountains of New Mexico last week to celebrate our anniversary. It was so interesting to watch the variations of the fog – full, half, slight, none – upon the trees and mountain inclines.


    • Thank you, Lisa, and happy anniversary! I imagine your time in the mountains was so lovely – thank you for creating that picture for me. I am spiritually drawn to the mountains; they feel like home… Bless you!


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