(Tuesday, January 4th)

I had such good intentions, God,
as we entered ’22.
I planned to set all sorts of goals
for things I’d try to do;
each resolution I would make
would help me to honor you.
But I became distracted –
and then it was day two.

I truly was excited, God,
for this opportunity
and I knew I would get started
(once my schedule was more free)
to implement the changes
that would make a better me.
But I must have lost my focus
for then it was day three.

I’m feeling quite embarrassed, God,
for now it is day four.
Not only have I made no change,
I feel worse and even more.
Is it selfishness or apathy?
Am I rotten to the core?
The resolutions I did make
were soon broken like before.


I am so very grateful, God,
because when the day is done
it matters not what goals I set,
what battles I have won.
Your love is unconditional –
you showed that through your Son.
Each day I have a fresh new start…

any day can be Day One.

(KLW 1-4-2022)

Photo by Karen, Hurricane, WV on January 4th, 2022


  1. Beautiful spiritual insight and faith with a dash of whimsy. So-o-o applicable! I’ll be sharing it, especially with one special person who seems to need lots of encouragement and love. Thanks, friend.


  2. Apologies, apologies! I just couldn’t resist

    You say you want a revolution, yeah,
    well, you know…
    oh, sorry, I meant resolution,
    yeah, well, there I go
    looking toward a Beatles song
    in everything I read,
    is it that my brain’s so wrong,
    or do I see a need
    for the world to sit on back,
    open up a door,
    answer, yeah, a burning lack
    with a tune from the Fab Four?
    I may now have to split this scene
    in, yeah, my Yellow Submarine.


    • You made my day! Your humorous and creative poetry and of course, including the Beatles, brought a smile!
      I thought about replying with a poem, but decided to Let it Be.

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  3. I am very thankful God’s love is unconditional as I wouldn’t stand a chance any other way 😉


  4. Sis,
    You write so very well. ❤️‍🩹
    I have been asking God about Mom….
    I plan on reading your blogs. I hope to find more peace in my life.
    Love you! -TMC


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