As we come for our time of instruction today, Jesus invites us to dim the room and light a candle, if we have one. He then shares these words of wisdom.

You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hid. No one after lighting a lamp puts it under the bushel basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven. (Matthew 5:14-16, NRSV)

Look at the candle and reflect on his words. Who has been a light for you in your life? How does it feel to hear Jesus call you “the light of the world”? In what ways are you sometimes tempted to hide your light? Who may need your light today? What type of light might be needed?


On a recent warm evening, my three-year-old granddaughter and I sat on the front porch steps under the night sky. Looking around, she noticed that some of the nearby garden lights were not shining, so we took a few inside to check them with her toy medical instruments. We “doctors” discovered that these lights had not absorbed enough of the sunlight’s solar energy to shine brightly. A few surrounding bushes had obstructed the sun’s rays that day.

These words of instruction from Jesus remind us to shine brightly with the light of God’s love. Our good works will help others “give glory to the Father in heaven.” Today, I find that the solar-powered garden lights provide a simple lesson: absorbing the light of God’s love enables our own lights to shine and empowers us for good works. Putting our lights under a bushel would only cause them to diminish. And, as our lights shine, others can absorb this light of love, and then shine with glory for God themselves.

While I was reflecting and writing this post, I brewed a cup of tea and was so surprised to find this thought on the tea tag: It is the light in the lantern which shows you the path, not the lantern. What a timely coincidence, a God-moment for me! Receiving the guiding light of God helps to inspire us with hope for the path ahead. Absorbing the gently illuminating light of God enables us to quietly listen and softly encourage. Taking in the warm glow of God’s light strengthens us to welcome with genuine hospitality. Embracing the piercing light of God allows us to serve with clarity of purpose.

How does your light shine? With God’s love as our source, we can become a bright headlamp, a gentle candle, a moonlight reflection, a warm fire, or a strong spotlight. Our lights will adjust with God’s perfect power and intensity according to the needs of others.

May our lights so shine.

Photo by Vladimir Fedotov on Unsplash
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  2. What light I have is flickering
    and seems about to die
    while, within, there’s bickering;
    should I even try?
    Am I faith’s example,
    shining love through cancer,
    or am I just a sample
    of a pagan dervish-dancer
    whirling wild, idolatrous
    through a Moorish night,
    prayers becoming meaningless
    in dim red candle-light?
    And then eyes clear, and then I see,
    “Like David, son, you dance for Me.”


    • Wow, Andrew you never cease to amaze me with your writing and your faith. Love love love this. Thank you. Sending many hugs!

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