A sower went out to sow his seed; and as he sowed… some fell into good soil, and when it grew, it produced a hundredfold. (Luke 8:5,8 NRSV)

Yesterday I listened to an inspirational podcast on Everyday Spirituality.* This episode, “Music and Spirituality” was from June 2021, in which Pastor Debbie Bronkema interviewed Tabreeca Woodside.(Tabreeca is a talented jazz singer who loves God and music; I have had the pleasure of meeting both Pastor Debbie and Tabreeca through the weekly Creativity Labs.)

The whole interview was such a gift, especially Tabreeca’s thoughts about expanding with God beyond normal practices or expectations. I found that her journey and insights along the way resonated with my own. Then, in the middle of the interview, she suddenly felt prompted to share some poetic reflections she had written, and her words profoundly touched my soul! After she read her reflection, she added that she had honored that prompt to share it, because “You never know who needed to hear or identify…”

So yesterday – nearly a year later – I decided to listen to that podcast on my morning walk. At that moment, her words, scattered out to the world like seeds, finally landed, took hold, and uplifted me.

I began to think of other seed-scatterers who continue to generously share their seeds of inspiration with the world. My writer friends have written many good words of hope, kindness, and understanding, even as they do not know how their heartfelt works will be received. My artist friends steadfastly paint for the sheer joy and beauty of the art and of the world, even as they do not know who will find a blessing from their canvas. My kind and caring friends continue to work for change, offer help and hope to those in need, and give sacrificially for others, even as they do not know what differences they will make.

All of them persevere from a deep longing to share their gifts and help make the world a more beautiful place. And then, in one holy moment in time – when the pause, the prompt, the passion, and the people intersect – these gifts, these scattered seeds, are gratefully received and nurtured for further growth.

Writers, keep writing. Artists, keep creating. Musicians, keep playing. Friends of kindness and love, keep scattering those seeds of hope, encouragement, and beauty. Follow your passions, create from your heart, honor those nudges, and generously scatter your good seeds with the world.

Because “You never know…”


Photo by Karen – Meek’s Mountain, WV
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  1. I really do not like to write;
    it’s not a thing I need,
    but I do it ’cause it might
    plant a single seed
    in a tired lonely heart
    on verge of giving up,
    a seed that says keep taking part,
    and drink deep from the cup
    of solitude’s community,
    of faith unpinned to hope,
    of illness’s immunity,
    and hold the fraying rope
    that’s improbably made new
    by love of Christ that sings in you.


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