May you know this…

Your quiet sobs are echoing with the sobs of all who despair
in a resounding cry for justice.

Your many tears are joining with the tears of all who weep
into an overflowing river of compassion.

Your deep heartache is connecting with the heartache of all who mourn
in a tender bond of companionship.

Your individual futility is uniting with the futility of all who lament
to become a force for good.

Your anguished longing is expanding with the longing of all who yearn
to serve as a vessel of greater peace.

Your unanswered questions are universal questions
and the answer is always love.

Your trembling feet are still standing in the presence of God
and you are on holy ground.

(Photo by Karen, May 27th)

8 Comments on “MAY YOU KNOW THIS…

  1. Recovering this morning from a DIY root canal (no insurance), so not really up to a substantive comment. Did want to say hi.


  2. Recovering from a self -performed root canal does take time!

    For what they may be worth, here are my thoughts, that while there are actions needed now (Uvalde touched our church family, and a different horror our own), there’s the deeper problem of alienation that we’ve allowed to grow in our society, partly through an unconsidered embrace of the Internet’s isolating technology, but even more from a desire to turn inward, and not have to see and taste others’ messy lives.

    I’d strongly recommend Robert Putnam’s ‘Bowling Alone’ as something of a guidebook to the fragmenting of society. First published in 2000, it’s all the more tragically relevant now.

    Beyond this place of wreath and tears
    in which we now abide,
    we must move in future years
    to a turning of this blood-dimmed tide.
    We’ve long looked in complacency
    to saving acts of public men,
    demanded they act hastily
    and cure with legislative pen
    the cancer we don’t want to know,
    the leprosy of souls apart,
    the sleepless malice we let grow,
    hid within communal heart,
    and now we all must brace, and hear,
    our task in love, and not in fear.


    • Your words are true – there are always a number of troubles underlying these terrible tragedies. I am one who does demand “they act hastily with legislative pen” while also addressing other societal and communal problems.
      Thank you, as always, Andrew.

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    • I deleted your last comment, as I try to refrain from political debate as much as possible here. I feel that those who read my posts will let their hearts and faith guide any actions they might take.

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