(Today I am sharing an Instagram post for the prompt, #liturgyofthelittlethings. Thank you, @sarah_westfall for the prompt! We are invited to capture small moments that bring happiness.)

My happiness moment for today was a bit of whimsy along the trail at the city park where I walked. I have followed this path many times, and only today – because I was paying attention, seeking joy – I noticed some of the fairy houses that were hidden under leaves and against roots.

There is a humble, gentle, mystical goodness that pervades all of life. We only need to pay close attention; we only need to notice, uncover, or discover this world beyond the norm, beyond our expectations.

May we continue to seek a new vision for our world, a world of imagination, creativity, and joy.

May we find the significance in the small and often hidden things.

May we dream of a better, kinder, gentler world and then work to make it so, beginning with ourselves.

Peace, dear friends.


  1. Thank you again dear Karen for your words that resonate in my heart.


    • Oh, thank YOU, kind Sandy! You have blessed me again.

      Sarah’s invitation to look for happiness was something I needed, too. ❤️


  2. Let there be peace on Earth,
    and let it begin with me.
    Let me show Heaven’s worth,
    a glimpse of eternity,
    and let me reach out to all,
    no matter their race or creed;
    let me tear down the wall
    we truly no longer need.
    Let its bricks be full replaced
    by arms that are open wide;
    when old enemies have embraced,
    who’ll say what might then betide?
    A world of hope and love, perchance,
    a world of David’s joyous dance!


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