(This is the third post inspired by Sarah E. Westfall’s #liturgyofthelittlethings on Instagram. Sarah invites us to notice the smaller moments of hope in our everyday lives.)

I could not help but notice the dramatic sky on my morning walk today! The contrast of dark clouds against brighter blue patches and rays of sunshine provided an interesting walk with lots of reflection.

Today my hope is revealed by this reminder:
Life is a contrasting mix of darkness and light, sorrow and joy, trouble and serenity, futility and progress. Through these contrasts, life becomes a beautiful, challenging, rich, and delightful journey toward greater wisdom, faith, and peace.

My hope is found in the awareness of God’s gracious, loving, healing, helping presence through every storm and sky. My hope is felt when I sense God’s tender, comforting love throughout my daily living.

My hope is found in unexpected moments, too. Just as I was entering my second mile, the darker clouds joined together to shower me with yet another gift in contrasts; the uncomfortable drenching of my shoes, clothes and hair – and the joyful cleansing of my soul.

May abundant blessings shower on you today.

(Photos by Karen)
For Andrew – a friend forever.


  1. Chiaroscuro in a painting
    defines the vision of the man,
    light and shadow both relating
    to that which we can understand.
    True in art, and true in life,
    true this side of paradise
    where the aching shadow-strife
    will at last be put on ice.
    But ’till that day we see bright glory
    as compared to mortal toil;
    chiaroscuro is the story
    for which Heaven is the foil,
    until the raising up of souls
    when light and shade become a whole.

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  2. Love the ending of your reflection, Karen!๐Ÿ˜…
    And wow, Andrew, for your lovely poem and for teaching me a new word. chiaroscuro!!!


    • It took some humility to post that last photo! ๐Ÿ˜‚

      Thanks, Cristy.

      And yes, that was a new word for me, too! Beautiful one.


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