Every day we have opportunities to bring about God’s goodness through our words and actions. Our words can convey compassion, encouragement, or understanding for those who need them. Our actions can bring comfort, healing, or companionship for those who hurt or struggle. We become God’s love for others by speaking and serving in that love, and in doing so, we bring more of God’s kingdom here – for others and for us.

A song that inspires me to live this way is the song, “Let It Start in Me” by The Gaither Vocal Band. Each stanza describes God’s better future, and the refrain serves as our invitation to help bring that about. As we cling to the hope of one day experiencing “a dawn arising on a brand-new day” or “gold emerging from refining flame” or “thunder rumbling ‘cross the thirsty plain” we proclaim,

There’s a change a-coming,
Let it start in me.

Along with our active, visible efforts, there are times when our inaction and silence can foster more of God’s love in our world, too. A mindful moment of restraint can become our best gesture of kindness and generosity. Each time we are tempted to participate in the interactions that come our way, we can pause to ask ourselves, “Does this need to go any further? Or does this stop with me?”

We may not be able to stop a problem, but we can stop contributing to it.

This week as I listened once again to the Gaithers’ beautiful song, some new lyrics came to me:

“Let It Stop with Me”…

There’s a word of gossip I heard someone say
There’s a finger of blame that points far away
There’s a voice of hot anger when we disagree
That’s an old way of being –
Let it stop with me.

There’s an urge to kick back when we have been wronged
There’s a grudge we have carried for far too long
There’s a neglect of another, a focus on me
That’s an old way of being –
Let it stop with me.

There’s a habit of adding more fuel to the fire
There’s an apathy keeping us stuck in the mire
because we believe this is the way life should be
That’s an old way of being –
Let it stop with me.

When might our better choice be to resist rather than respond, to refrain rather than react? As we enter into this new month, we have a brand-new season to become more present to the moments – and more mindful of our responses.

1 Let It Start in Me songwriters: Gloria Gaither, William J. Gaither, Dony Mcguire, Reba Rambo
(Photo by Karen)

5 Comments on “LET IT STOP WITH ME

  1. Karen: Wonderful new verses.. I think you should send them to Gaither. It’s another focus and the tune can carry the words. You are indeed a poet and song writer.


    • Thank you, Ruth! The words just suddenly came to me. I may send them on with the hope of just blessing the group. You bless me, always.


  2. So much hubbub in the news,
    “Vote for me, cancel these
    subhumans of opposing views!”,
    but I think I will choose peace.
    Perhaps not at the ballot box;
    that’s already gone too far,
    but choice is made by putting locks
    on how I think things really are,
    by banishing the talking heads
    from my thought and screen.
    I’ll talk to neighbours instead,
    and look to the unseen
    who foment not rage in the street
    for they’ve obligations they must meet.


    • Didn’t realize that you were the writer of those extra verses, and they’re marvelous!

      I do apologise for the oversight; my vision is a bit screwy due to a head injury, and as it’s 2am I am not wearing the eye patch that helps me focus.


    • I have thought of doing that at times, too, my friend. I recently heard a podcast in which we were encouraged to put our energies toward our ideal world, rather than the negativity. Maybe there is a balance of keeping up with the news so that we can respond to the troubles by doing all the good we can. Thank you always for your meaningful words. Take care of you!

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