Thank you for the greenings…
for as leaves begin to fall
there is new life still appearing
to inspire and to call.

Thank you for the greenings…
the invitations to believe
that in every season of the year
new life can be received.

Thank you for the greenings…
they promise us that you
will give us opportunities
to always start anew.

Thank you for the greenings…
you delight and still surprise;
just when our dreams are fading
new sprouts begin to rise.

(This is the fourth of a series of Autumn Reflections using pictures and poems. Photo by Karen.)


  1. Beautiful, Karen.

    Sure liked the message. Spent yesterday trying to bleed out.

    I find myself wondering if I am alive or dead. Is this Heaven?


    • I didn’t think myself up to a sonnet, but the first quatrain formed itself.

      Here I wait suspended,
      bemused, bewitched, perplexed.
      Has my world here ended,
      and am I in the Next?
      I feel the air moved by the fans,
      the dogs chase cats through sleep;
      are these shared with Elysian lands?
      It’s not to great a leap
      to presume that I have gone away
      sometime through the bleeding,
      and my soul’s not gone astray,
      but found what it is needing,
      a very bright and blessed part
      of Heaven to reflect my heart.


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