The trees have transformed
from their shimmering radiance of yellows and reds
into deep, mellow shades of gold, copper, burgundy, and brown.

Their subtle hues convey a rich, sage wisdom
found in the liminal space
between a glorious, colorful celebration
and a quiet, dignified surrender.

The trees, each with a bold and dramatic beauty
that once captured our attention,
now unite and blend together
to offer a lovely backdrop for the day.

I want to age like autumn.

The season beckons us
to exchange sparkling, refreshing glasses
of icy drinks and bubbly beverages
for comforting, soothing mugs
of hot chocolate, sweet cider, spiced tea.

The season relieves us
from the need to cool ourselves in the heat of the day
and invites us
to warm ourselves in the living of these days,
to slow our pace in the ritual of the drinking.

The season compels us
to bundle up and snuggle more;
storing tanks and tees, shorts and sandals,
donning sweaters and socks, caps and coats,
wrapping ourselves in the warmth of love,
the companionship of others.

I want to age like autumn.

As the dawns and the dusks draw closer together
the daylight hours become more precious, significant.
The days of my life seem to do the same
and I want to savor, treasure, cherish… remember.

Oh yes, I can sense the approaching winter
but for today, I simply hope
to linger in the golden light,
to breathe in the crisp, cool air,
to delight in the abundant harvest,
and to welcome the insight of the season.

I want to age like autumn.

(Photos by Karen, late October 2022)


  1. This is so appealing. Oh, I wish!

    My reality’s that aging isn’t what I will get to do.

    The safety valve is welded shut,
    the throttle’s open wide,
    there is no if, no and, no but,
    and there’s nowhere to hide
    from the demon chasing me,
    devourer of days,
    but grave won’t get it’s victory,
    and we’ll see just how this plays
    out over the coming time,
    pushing too far past each limit
    to take in the sweet sublime
    and all the grace that’s in it.
    I ask you, Lord to please preserve
    what I rush past, and don’t deserve.


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