(Saturday, December 24th)

Tenderhearted: easily moved to love, pity, or sorrow; compassionate, impressionable

I enjoyed my grandsons’ winter concert earlier this month, and as always, was impressed by the musical talents of the high school band. But my favorite piece was a medley of Christmas carols – in fact, tears began brimming at “Silent Night”, then overflowed as the band moved into “O Come all Ye Faithful”! My heart filled with emotion as I recalled the memories of previous Christmas celebrations, held gratitude for these present days, and felt such love and pride for my family. Christmas continues to deepen in meaning and significance with each passing year.

In my time of reflection this Advent season, one word has especially touched my soul: tenderheartedness.

The Christmas celebration of our faith tradition has been a tender connecting thread throughout my life. Each time I revisit the story of the birth of Jesus, there are beautiful assurances and meaningful messages held within it. Each time I sing Christmas carols, the memories of previous Christmas Eve services and family gatherings gently soften my spirit. I recall both joyful and sorrowful moments, but each memory holds the deep recognition that God in Christ has come to be with me through it all; to rejoice with me, comfort me, grieve with me, or simply hold me close. My heart then nearly aches with a combination of joy, sorrow, gratitude, and awe, for I know my years and moments are tied together in one tiny yet infinite bundle of love.

Perhaps that is how a heart becomes tender…

God’s tenderheartedness has been shown to us in the birth of Jesus, this tiny baby who has humbly brought God’s presence among and within us for all of life. May our hearts grow more tender toward others – as well as ourselves – as we once again rejoice at his birth, recognize his presence, recall the memories, remember his faithfulness, and receive his gifts of hope, peace joy, comfort, and love.

As we hear the stories and sing the carols, may we be grateful for the One who has been present in every Christmas, in every day between, for every year of our life, and through every future day – loving us all with gracious and tenderhearted love.

Christmas blessings, dear friends.

(Photo of Advent wreath by Karen, fingerprints in sand by my granddaughter 😉 )


  1. I was trained to violence
    at which my hands excelled,
    but in a starry night of silence
    something inside rebelled.
    A puppy cried out in the dark,
    lost and scared, forsaken,
    and ’twas thus God left His mark,
    and thus did He awaken
    a heart that was now quite reborn,
    that would not let a cruelty pass,
    a soul whose overgrowth was shorn
    and blown away like new-mown grass,
    and the pup came home with me
    to celebrate love’s victory.

    This sonnet took all of three minutes to write. Would have taken less time, but I was crying too hard.


  2. Karen, I don’t know if you have a specific musical theme for each Christmas, but this is mine for this year.

    I hope that you like it.


    • I DO! And how perfect for you. I will save this to my favorites.

      Hey, and I am sending another hug… After I replied to your poem, it occurred to me that you are especially missing your sweet dog. ❤️

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