Abundant: existing or occurring in large amounts; ample; marked by great plenty (as of resources); amply supplied; abounding

I imagine there could be a number of blog posts about what Jesus meant by his words, “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly” (John 10:10 NRSVUE). His words encompass the many ways life can be lived richly and fully – in his love and because of his love. Through his words and his life, Jesus gives us new perspectives that make life abundant, such as the promise of eternity, the hope of new life in every day, the freedom from fear, the security of love, the sacredness of creation, the assurance of his guiding presence, and the joy of living because of these gifts.

In this time of reflection before the new year begins, while I consider resolutions and goals, this idea of abundant life keeps coming to mind. How will I live my days more abundantly? What will make 2023 an abundant year? How might I fully embrace this life that Jesus offers?

There is a subtle treasure in this word, abundant, in that its meaning can be understood and applied according to our unique perspectives and intentions. For example, some of us may serve an abundant number of people, while others may serve a few people abundantly. One person may make an abundant difference in our world, while another may share an abundant number of small kindnesses. Our days may be filled with abundant activities or abundant conversations, abundant productivity or abundant reflection. God’s love shown in Christ can help us to live abundantly – and guide each of us to determine how our unique “abundance” will look.

Abundant life also comes through seeking and finding more of the sacred in our daily living. We find abundance as we notice God’s loving presence in our everyday moments, glean deeper meanings and insights through ordinary experiences, savor and appreciate all of creation, hold gratitude for these precious days, and remain mindful how we live them. Finding God always and in everything, the insignificant moments become significant. The smallest incidents become meaningful. The random inspirations become profound. The menial tasks become gifts of grace. The simple joys become priceless. The ordinary days become divine.

This new year is an opportunity to recognize God’s abundance and to live in the freedom of that abundance. This year is an opportunity to live so that others will not only witness, but also benefit from, this abundant life we have been so graciously and generously given.

Our abundant life is a life filled with the abundant goodness of God.

Happy New Year, dear readers!

Definition found at https://www.merriam-webster.com/
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  1. There are times I feel redundant,
    and it gets so hard to live,
    and so I must define abundant
    in giving all that I can give
    of my heart and of my time,
    of the work of hands and soul,
    work of wood and work of rhyme,
    for in depletion I am whole.
    Abundance means hold nothing back,
    and it’s just like ol’ Paul said,
    that there’s nothing you will lack,
    for gain’s what comes when you come dead
    to the days of mortal Earth,
    the morning of your bright rebirth

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      • Peace, with fifteen dogs, you say?
        Oh, that I might have the tools!
        But it’s the dawning of the day,
        and, as ever, chaos rules.
        Diva Shelby wants her food,
        and her barking does ears harm,
        awakening Chihuahua Brood,
        aka The Car Alarm
        whose frenzied yapping makes the rest
        realize they’re missing out,
        and at that point it’s just best
        to get up and let them out
        before each lively vibrant pup
        presents a need for cleaning up.

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      • Had to write that fast, while the dogs were a-clamour.

        Line 12 would better have read

        “to rise and shine and never pout”

        Ah, well, so mush fer poofreeding.

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