The barren tree stood silently
yet spoke to me of pain,
when branches once were cut away
and only stumps remained.
But now new shoots are growing forth,
while reaching up and out.
The stumps became the firm support
for all new growth to sprout.

When my best dreams are thwarted,
when obstacles impede,
when criticism cuts me down
and I’m ready to concede –
may I keep on reaching upward,
seeking your holy grace,
until new growth begins to sprout
from my strong and sturdy base.

(Photo by Karen)


  1. What a wonderful picture, and such a faith-filled poem!

    Used to have a sturdy base,
    like a big deep-rooted tree,
    but in the now I have to face
    that the picture’s just not me.
    I’ve been cut down and dug out,
    and turned into firewood,
    but it’s not for me to pout
    ’cause it’s all been to the good
    and my spirit’s free to wander
    down the avenue of days,
    and God has torn right asunder
    that which used to be a maze
    of bright ego-mirrorred walls
    to bring me close to Heaven’s halls.


    • Thank you, my friend.
      Your words today are again a balm for my spirit. “My spirit’s free to wander…” is a beautiful, faithful response to your life. Bless you!

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