Let your light so shine for others
this is my daily prayer…
to radiate God’s lovely light
through hope, and love, and care.

But my lamplight is a small one,
often shining just on me,
and at times it’s bent and broken
so the light is hard to see.

Please shine your light within me, God,
reveal how I may grow
in your bright and loving kindness
so others see your glow.

For you are able to do more
than this lantern of my own.
I need your power and your strength
for love more brightly shown.

I may be bent and broken, but
your perfect light will shine
each time I let your love flow through
this faulty lamp of mine.

(Photo by Karen)
“Let your light so shine…” is from Matthew 5:16.


  1. Beautiful.

    Running a fever of 104 at the moment, but I’ll have a go.

    Shine for Heaven as you can,
    shine a little love,
    shine so others understand
    that grace comes from above
    like a gentle healing rain,
    a benison of peace,
    unexotic, really plain,
    but simplicity’s release
    of what God has placed within,
    if we submit to channel
    the salvation that has conquered sin,
    so marvelous and banal
    that its truth will ever ring
    for a simpleton and king.

    And this post reminds me of a well-loved song…


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