Tucked into this sheltered corner
away from wind and rain
this little pile of withered leaves
brings questions to my mind.
How long have they been waiting here,
how long will they remain?
If leaves could speak to me today
what lessons would I find?

Are they content to gather close
and linger in this place,
to live each day in quiet joy,
allowed to simply be?
Or do they wish to take a risk
and leave this cozy space
to be tossed about, trampled on,
or scattered randomly?

Do they hold an inner longing
to leave this sheltered frame?
Does wisdom call them to the wind
with peace, and not with fear?
For life well-lived returns them to
the soil from which they came,
and the very wind that scatters
once brought them safely here.

(Photos by Karen)


  1. This is SO GOOD, Karen.

    I once sought to ride the wind,
    tameless through life’s rodeo,
    but in this aim I found I’d sinned,
    though at the time I didn’t know
    that I was aping devil’s pride
    and giving him the victory,
    for in this part of faith had died,
    and it became all about me.
    God had to reach for my attention,
    using cancer as a stick.
    Thus, here ended my ascension,
    and boy, oh, boy, the fall’s been quick,
    but, you know, I can’t complain,
    for these are good days that remain.


    • ♥️ thank you, Andrew. Once again, your words bless.
      In my experience with cancer, I didn’t consider God the source of my illness, but always the comforter, encourager, and healer through my illness…

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      • Actually, cancer’s been a gift. I was on the wrong road, losing my way in selfishness and triviality.

        God showed me the hard and gracious truth in Samuel Johnson’s observation, “Depend upon it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.”

        I’m actually happier now than I ever have been. I have a purpose, life has deep and rich meaning…and God could, at last, walk with me.

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