“Scenic View” the sign displayed,
but I’d have to take my time,
for the sign went on to warn me
of the steps and uphill climb.

I started out with vigor,
then the path curved to the right.
My steps are now uncertain
as the end is not in sight.

Will this be worth my effort?
I can’t see around the bend
to know where this is leading,
where and how this all will end.

But as I look around me
the forest, lush and green
is telling me to notice
the beauty of this scene.

And in the quiet moments
as I feel your presence near
I sense the current glory
of this journey, now and here.

My life is like a journey
toward a great and wondrous end
that yet remains a mystery;
I can’t see around the bend.

But you are always with me
leading further, going deep;
everything I need is here
in the company I keep.

So, even with the promise
of a future scenic view
let me savor every step,
every moment spent with you.

(Photo by Karen, taken at a rest area in Tennessee)


  1. Lovely picture and poem, Karen!

    All the nights are now uphill,
    the rest once come from sleep is gone,
    but not the strength and not the will
    to bring meaning to the dawn.
    The air up here is getting thin,
    with pain in each drawn breath;
    but I agree with Paul, we win
    a gain in our own death
    when we climb this hard fell slope
    in the company of Christ
    and with Him every faith and hope
    comes live in all that’s sacrificed,
    and, smiling, He makes all things new
    when we reach the summit’s lovely view.

    And, oddly enough, the Five Minute Friday prompt this week is ‘reach’.

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  2. Your words are just what I needed today. You are a blessing.
    It is amazing how the Holy Spirit works to bring just what is needed at just the right time.

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    • You are a gift to me, too, Sandy. I appreciate your words today! May your day bring joy. Yes, the Spirit continues to surprise – amazing! Bless you so.


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