Now comes another heartbreak,
another tragedy;
there isn’t one clear answer,
but it’s more than “wait and see”.

Each time there is a shooting,
it seems we point and name
the issues that affect us least,
for “We aren’t the ones to blame.”

There isn’t one solution
to relieve our griefs and cares
but this is surely going to take
much more than thoughts and prayers.

We can help correct what’s wrong
by regulating rights.
How could our inconvenience
outweigh the loss of life?

We can comfort those in pain
by speaking for the silenced.
Life will never be the same
for those caught in this violence.

We can join them in their grief,
to mourn and to lament,
then look within our broken selves;
how might we too, repent?

We can expand perspectives
to include the good of all,
to overcome our differences,
to prevent another fall.

We can smile with tenderness
and welcome someone in,
reach out to help the hurting,
then new life to begin.

We can discover beauty
in our rich diversity,
embracing one another
in love and unity.

Together, let’s envision
how wars and wounds might cease,
by walking in the harmony
of justice, love, and peace.

May our weapons and our words
be finally set aside,
as open hearts and empty hands
in gentleness abide.

Oh, may a brighter day arrive
as we move proactively
to live in lovingkindness
and consider all as “we”.

And yet another heartbreak,
another tragedy;
there isn’t one clear answer…

but I know it starts with me.

(Photo by Karen)


  1. It’s not a matter of embracing,
    that is not how Love can win.
    There is now the need for facing
    that sin is sin is sin is sin.
    Some will want to censor Paul,
    leave Jesus in the squalid dust,
    but I’m among the worst of all
    ‘mongst sinners, and I place my trust
    in He who will correct my ways,
    and not smilingly approve
    of the evil filthy days
    from which I had refused to move
    until I could through Scripture see
    Grace anxiously awaiting me.


    • We may have differing views on a few things, but I always weigh and consider your responses because of your sincere heart. Thanks, Andrew.

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      • Karen, you’re a gem, and always a check on my Genghis Khan side.

        He’s an ancestor of mine, by the way.

        This morning I have been researching CIT vehicles for Barb. She’s the church treasurer. Church can’t pay, but we can.

        This world is too scary.

        (CIT – cash in transit)

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      • I want so much to be that which I cannot be.

        You keep that real. Please, dear heart, never ever compromise.

        We need you.

        I need you.


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