Grandchild so free
small size
immense glee,
playing the game
and undaunted, attempting
numerous times
yet never to score.
Finding the joy
and insightful, beholding
how both game and life
hold so much in store.
You have become
an example for me.

Grandchild so wise
great example
small size,
facing each challenge
and determined, pursuing
with smile on your face
and glint in your eyes.
Tossing the ball
and hopeful, abiding
with no stomping feet
no pouts and no sighs.
You are a mentor
to teach and surprise.

Grandchild so dear,
small size
no fear,
regarding the hoop
and delighted, enjoying
the fun of the toss
the love of the game.
Looking above
and peaceful, inspiring
this awe-filled Grammy
to then do the same.
You’re joy, heaven sent
to be with us here.

(Photo by Karen)


  1. Beautiful poem and pictures!

    The FMF prompt this week is ‘persist’. You should post this.

    Some folks simply aren’t aware
    or they do not want to see
    that like a wrestle with a bear,
    cancer’s just a game to me.
    I need to stay light on my feet,
    not knowing what each day will bring,
    that I can find a way to meet
    just about most anything
    and still move through it to tomorrow
    with a smile upon my face,
    unbending to despair or sorrow,
    for I am in an honoured place
    with all need for pretense shorn,
    in this fight for which I had been born.

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