As I travel on life’s journey
(maps and schedules in my hand),
most days go as expected,
well-organized and planned.

But when I encounter detours,
or life becomes a mess,
or the road just stops before me,
I feel the wilderness.

I think of you, then, Jesus,
for you entered and endured
the wilderness before you,
both tested yet secured.

Please give me fresh perspective
in this dry and weary land,
for in these lost and lonely times
I trust you’re close at hand.

Where I see desolation,
show me simplicity,
and let the barrenness become
a spaciousness so free.

Where there is utter silence,
speak your tranquility,
and in the vast, unending sky
reveal eternity.

When the wolf howls in the night
(and I cry softly, too),
please take away my fears and tears
as only you can do.

I know I’m never homeless,
nor lost, nor all alone
for you’re with me in this wilderness;
you’ve made your presence known.

I may call myself a nomad,
but yet I keep in mind
that we journey on together,
one small step at a time.

And like your servant Abram,
each time I stop to rest,
I will place another altar
in humble thankfulness.

Photo by Brandon Hoogenboom on Unsplash


  1. The sea is rough, things fall apart,
    and Chicken Little’s sky is falling.
    There’s hesitation in my heart,
    and I hear Grim Reaper calling.
    There’s so much for which to live,
    there’s so much yet left to do,
    there’s so much love I’ve still to give,
    so much to learn I never knew,
    but I am caught in demon’s jaws,
    hostage to a killing foe
    who works by coldest cruelest laws,
    landing blow on blow on blow.
    I’m in a wilderness of fear,


  2. Great poem. Thank you. I have been a wilderness traveler for many years, and the themes on which you wrote resonated with me. For instance,
    Please give me fresh perspective
    in this dry and weary land,
    for in these lost and lonely times
    I trust you’re close at hand.
    My times in the wilderness have always been a catalyst for afresh perspective, always a divine fresh perspective. I go there on purpose, so even if I am lonely I have rarely felt lost. Yes, my God is always close at hand by His indwelling Holy Spirit.
    Your choice of a Joshua Tree picture was most appropriate for this reader. I spent a lot of days and nights wildering in that place and came to love its stark and at times harsh beauty.
    Thank you again. God bless us, everyone!


    • Thank you for your kind affirmations, as well as your additional reflection! I haven’t had the opportunity to spend time in a physical wilderness, but I often refer to times of life as wilderness experiences or adventures. I have appreciated your insightful posts as well and will be certain to visit your site more often. Thanks again!


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