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Unexpected Guardian Angels

I met my guardian angel during one of the first of my regular walks at Swan Creek metropark. As I approached him on the path, I offered a smile and my “Good morning!” greeting. But this dark, burly and surly stranger only scowled at… Continue Reading “Unexpected Guardian Angels”

“Patches of Godlight”

Every once in a while we are reminded to “live in the present.” This is a wise reminder, because this present moment is truly all we have, isn’t it? We can’t return to the past, nor can we leap to the future. Jesus said,… Continue Reading ““Patches of Godlight””

Thoughts Within My Bald Head

I’ve discovered that there are many benefits in having no hair! My chemotherapy-induced baldness has blessed me in several ways: Time savings: I have shorter shower time; I don’t need to dry or style my hair; I don’t need to shave my legs; I don’t use… Continue Reading “Thoughts Within My Bald Head”