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Moving Forward: Take Heart

MOVING FORWARD IN FAITH #6(A NEW DAY IS DAWNING) In recent months I have found such comfort in the awareness that our United States’ system of democracy is relatively new in the scope of history. Several articles and podcasts have reminded me how our… Continue Reading “Moving Forward: Take Heart”

Moving Forward: Take a Stand

MOVING FORWARD IN FAITH #5(What Do You Stand For?) A few years ago, Jim and I took our youth group on a mission trip to Newark, New York. The theme for our week of serving together was, “What Do You Stand For?” Throughout the… Continue Reading “Moving Forward: Take a Stand”

Moving Forward: Take Responsibility

MOVING FORWARD IN FAITH #4 (WHO’S TO BLAME?) In his book, Essentialism, Greg McKeown writes, “Only once we discern what is absolutely essential and eliminate everything else can we make our highest contribution toward the things that really matter.”1 Let’s heed his words as… Continue Reading “Moving Forward: Take Responsibility”

Moving Forward: Take Time to Learn

MOVING FORWARD IN FAITH #3(THERE IS USUALLY MORE TO THE STORY) As we continue to move forward in faith during these troubling times, what are the issues or problems that most concern you? Could these issues actually be invitations to action? When we feel… Continue Reading “Moving Forward: Take Time to Learn”

Moving Forward: Take Another Look at Ourselves

MOVING FORWARD IN FAITH #2(WHENEVER “I WOULD NEVER…”) When my children were small, I vowed to remain patient with their questions and encourage their curiosity. I planned to regard each of their questions as an opportunity to gently explain my reasoning, teach them something… Continue Reading “Moving Forward: Take Another Look at Ourselves”

Moving Forward: Take a Step Back

MOVING FORWARD IN FAITH #1(NURTURING OUR SOULS) Each new year, I choose a word to serve as a guiding theme for the way I hope to live, notice, and direct my days. My word for 2021 is nurture. Initially I liked the way nurture… Continue Reading “Moving Forward: Take a Step Back”

Moving Forward in Faith (Introduction)

I have had a writing dilemma in recent weeks, from feeling no inspiration to write, to feeling as if I could spew nonstop for months. These feelings come from the difficult days we are all enduring, and as we are growing increasingly weary, frustrated,… Continue Reading “Moving Forward in Faith (Introduction)”