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Taking What is Essential…

Wednesday, Day Three At the beginning of a backpacking trip in the Colorado Rockies, our guide had all of us stand in a circle, open our packs, and place our belongings on the ground in front of us. She then went to each of… Continue Reading “Taking What is Essential…”

Wait a Minute

Tuesday, Day Two We had taken our youth group on a mission trip to Newark, NY, where I was also serving on the volunteer staff there. After a hot day of mission work, our Toledo group walked to an ice cream shoppe for cool… Continue Reading “Wait a Minute”

No Matter How the Door Closes…

Monday Moment- Day One I once heard the embarrassing story of someone who stepped into the hallway of his hotel room, still in his underwear, to pick up the morning paper. He was VERY surprised when the door to his room suddenly closed behind… Continue Reading “No Matter How the Door Closes…”


Friday In 2016, Jim and I were in Columbus, Ohio for a lovely June wedding of dear friends. Shortly after we had arrived, we were excited to learn that the Columbus Pride Parade was to be that same weekend! So on Saturday morning, we… Continue Reading “Fear”

A Letter of Encouragement

Thursday Dear LGTBQ+ Friends, You are not alone. There are many of us who love you, support you, and embrace you exactly as you are and because of who you are.  But fear has kept us from publicly supporting you- for we have seen… Continue Reading “A Letter of Encouragement”

To Add One More Voice

Wednesday At Grace-Calvary, a parish with both gay and lesbian members, I grew increasingly weary of arguing over what Paul and the author of Leviticus may or may not have meant in half a dozen passages written a couple of thousand years ago while… Continue Reading “To Add One More Voice”

One Mom’s Journey to Joy

Tuesday When my children were little, I was trying to do everything I could to live as a faithful Christian, to raise my family to love and serve God, and to keep our “nuclear” family together as the integral part of our country’s goodness… Continue Reading “One Mom’s Journey to Joy”

Close to Home

Monday Whenever we read of the times when Jesus healed, fed or helped someone, we often read phrases such as: they brought to Him many… many followed Him… He saw a large crowd and felt compassion… they touched (the fringe of his coat)… they laid them down at… Continue Reading “Close to Home”