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(Week 8) …

As I began this week’s walk with Jesus, I could sense I was struggling right from the start. Part of my struggle was that I hadn’t slowed my spirit enough to settle in and listen. I also sensed that I was pushing for words… Continue Reading “(Week 8) …”

(Week 7) How Would You Have Me Be More Like You?

The seventh time I invited Jesus to walk with me, I felt no need to pause but immediately asked him, “How would you have me be more like you in this world?” Then I rambled on with additional questions to clarify what I was… Continue Reading “(Week 7) How Would You Have Me Be More Like You?”

(Week 6) What Did You Do When You Were Burdened?

It was a gloomy, gray morning and my heart was feeling the same. Walking drearily in the sprinkling rain, I asked Jesus, “What did you do when your heart was burdened?” At first I was reminded that Jesus did what all of us do,… Continue Reading “(Week 6) What Did You Do When You Were Burdened?”

(Week 5) What Is Your Favorite Part of Creation?

Jim and I were up extra early this morning, so I had the opportunity to watch the sunrise. I invited Jesus to join me as I hurriedly walked to the open field for the best view. Once there, I stood reverently before the breaking… Continue Reading “(Week 5) What Is Your Favorite Part of Creation?”

(Week 4) Do You See the World Differently Than I Do?

As I began this week’s walk with Jesus, I couldn’t immediately sense his presence and so- this may have looked strange- I reached out for his hand. The idea of his touch brought back that feeling of deep connection. I was content to simply… Continue Reading “(Week 4) Do You See the World Differently Than I Do?”

(Week 3) Why Do I Cry…?

On this my third week, when I invited Jesus to join me on my walk, my eyes immediately filled with tears again- even more than before. I tried to just quietly remain in his presence, but the obvious question was right there: “Jesus, why… Continue Reading “(Week 3) Why Do I Cry…?”

(Week 2) Am I Walking Too Fast?

Today was my second day to turn off my podcast and invite Jesus to join me on my morning walk. My eyes once again filled with tears as I envisioned his presence walking quietly next to me. I wonder why I get emotional, but… Continue Reading “(Week 2) Am I Walking Too Fast?”

(Week 1) What am I missing?

(One day each week as I take my morning walk, I am inviting Jesus to walk along with me, then asking him a question that comes to mind. If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to take a few moments to read… Continue Reading “(Week 1) What am I missing?”

Can I Ask You Something, Jesus? (Introduction)

“Are you ready? May God come alongside you in the silence, weighty and strong, head bowed next to you with respect, ready to sit for a moment. May you not demand an answer but be content with his presence, listening to his heart of… Continue Reading “Can I Ask You Something, Jesus? (Introduction)”

An Encouraging Word #10: Respite

Our last word of this “Encouraging Word” series is respite. Merriam-Webster describes respite as: “a period of temporary delay; an interval of rest or relief…” The other day I started my walk a little earlier because I had a full day ahead. Our week… Continue Reading “An Encouraging Word #10: Respite”