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INTRODUCTION Here in the northern hemisphere, we are beginning to see new life all around us. We are in the beautiful springtime season, filled with buds and blooms and blossoms! The greening of the countryside is dotted with bursts of pinks, purples, whites, yellows.… Continue Reading “A SEASON OF NEW GROWTH”


(HOPE*WRITERS INSTAGRAM WRITING CHALLENGE #6) Early each morning, I simply ask God,“What would you have me know today?”I quietly listen and journal my thoughtsand the words I hear God say. What would you have me know today?I hope that when I inquireI can set… Continue Reading “QUESTION”


(HOPE*WRITERS INSTAGRAM WRITING CHALLENGE #5) Help me to be in the middle, God,as a conduit of your love. Help me to be an advocate in the middle of…injustice and equalityracism and unityoppression and freedomexclusion and welcome Help me to be a provider in the… Continue Reading “MIDDLE”


(HOPE*WRITERS INSTAGRAM WRITING CHALLENGE #4) For Sharon I may always resent how she suddenly died,but today I am thankful she lived.I wish we could talk and laugh and confide,but today I am grateful we did. I am missing her more as the years go… Continue Reading “REMEMBER”


(HOPE*WRITERS INSTAGRAM WRITING CHALLENGE #3) Keep rewriting my story, God.Under the light of your love, I can read it anew. I find that all of the chapters have been renamed.You have rewritten… “Mistakes I Have Made” into “Lessons I Have Learned”“Missteps and Detours” into… Continue Reading “STORY”


(HOPE*WRITERS INSTAGRAM WRITING CHALLENGE #2) REFRESH A Prayer Refresh my memory; but help me to seethe deeper meaning it holds for me. Refresh my soul; but I need your embraceas you perfect with correcting grace. Refresh my spirit; that with joy renewedI may learn… Continue Reading “REFRESH”


(HOPE*WRITER INSTAGRAM WRITING CHALLENGE #1) VOICE – A PRAYER Though I cannot sing with the voice of an angel –lilting and lovely and pure,Let my voice ring out with the genuine joyfound in love that is certain and sure. Though I cannot shout with… Continue Reading “VOICE”


This week, my blog posts will be a bit different – I’m going to do the Hope*Writers Instagram Writing Challenge! Each day, I will post an Instagram photo and brief message according to the given prompt, and I will share these here as well.… Continue Reading “HOPE*WRITERS INSTAGRAM WRITING CHALLENGE”

Moving Forward: Take Heart

MOVING FORWARD IN FAITH #6(A NEW DAY IS DAWNING) In recent months I have found such comfort in the awareness that our United States’ system of democracy is relatively new in the scope of history. Several articles and podcasts have reminded me how our… Continue Reading “Moving Forward: Take Heart”

Moving Forward: Take a Stand

MOVING FORWARD IN FAITH #5(What Do You Stand For?) A few years ago, Jim and I took our youth group on a mission trip to Newark, New York. The theme for our week of serving together was, “What Do You Stand For?” Throughout the… Continue Reading “Moving Forward: Take a Stand”