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Last week, I participated in the hope*writers Instagram Challenge; each day we created an Instagram post from a one-word prompt. I hope you are uplifted by the photos and poems I submitted. Bless you as we begin another new week! REGROUP(Monday) The sign before… Continue Reading “FIVE PROMPTED POEMS”


(HOPE*WRITERS INSTAGRAM WRITING CHALLENGE #3) Keep rewriting my story, God.Under the light of your love, I can read it anew. I find that all of the chapters have been renamed.You have rewritten… “Mistakes I Have Made” into “Lessons I Have Learned”“Missteps and Detours” into… Continue Reading “STORY”


(HOPE*WRITERS INSTAGRAM WRITING CHALLENGE #2) REFRESH A Prayer Refresh my memory; but help me to seethe deeper meaning it holds for me. Refresh my soul; but I need your embraceas you perfect with correcting grace. Refresh my spirit; that with joy renewedI may learn… Continue Reading “REFRESH”