(HOPE*WRITERS INSTAGRAM WRITING CHALLENGE #5) Help me to be in the middle, God,as a conduit of your love. Help me to be an advocate in the middle of…injustice and equalityracism and unityoppression and freedomexclusion and welcome Help me to be a provider in the… Continue Reading “MIDDLE”


(HOPE*WRITERS INSTAGRAM WRITING CHALLENGE #4) For Sharon I may always resent how she suddenly died,but today I am thankful she lived.I wish we could talk and laugh and confide,but today I am grateful we did. I am missing her more as the years go… Continue Reading “REMEMBER”


(HOPE*WRITERS INSTAGRAM WRITING CHALLENGE #3) Keep rewriting my story, God.Under the light of your love, I can read it anew. I find that all of the chapters have been renamed.You have rewritten… “Mistakes I Have Made” into “Lessons I Have Learned”“Missteps and Detours” into… Continue Reading “STORY”


(HOPE*WRITERS INSTAGRAM WRITING CHALLENGE #2) REFRESH A Prayer Refresh my memory; but help me to seethe deeper meaning it holds for me. Refresh my soul; but I need your embraceas you perfect with correcting grace. Refresh my spirit; that with joy renewedI may learn… Continue Reading “REFRESH”


(HOPE*WRITER INSTAGRAM WRITING CHALLENGE #1) VOICE – A PRAYER Though I cannot sing with the voice of an angel –lilting and lovely and pure,Let my voice ring out with the genuine joyfound in love that is certain and sure. Though I cannot shout with… Continue Reading “VOICE”


This week, my blog posts will be a bit different – I’m going to do the Hope*Writers Instagram Writing Challenge! Each day, I will post an Instagram photo and brief message according to the given prompt, and I will share these here as well.… Continue Reading “HOPE*WRITERS INSTAGRAM WRITING CHALLENGE”