Keep rewriting my story, God.
Under the light of your love, I can read it anew.

I find that all of the chapters have been renamed.
You have rewritten…

“Mistakes I Have Made” into “Lessons I Have Learned”
“Missteps and Detours” into “New Paths Discovered”
“Success and Victory” into “God’s Graciousness”
“Wounds and Hurts” into “Hopes and Healings”
“Trials and Tears” into “Peace and Provision”
“Surprising Joy” into “Deep Gratitude”

You have taken all of my ordinary
and shown me the extraordinary of you.
Thank you.

This is the third of a weeklong Instagram Writing Challenge from @hopewriters! Today’s prompt is STORY. Follow me (@soulsearchingkwicker) or #hopewriterlife on Instagram and join in the fun. Photo taken by Karen at Valley Park, Hurricane, WV.

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