For Sharon

I may always resent how she suddenly died,
but today I am thankful she lived.
I wish we could talk and laugh and confide,
but today I am grateful we did.

I am missing her more as the years go on,
but today I am keeping her near.
I grieve in her absence; I know she is gone
but today I am sensing her here.

I will never forget the tears and the pain,
but today I will rise above.
And maybe the heartache will always remain…
but today I remember the love.

This is the fourth of a weeklong Instagram Writing Challenge from @hopewriters! Today’s prompt is REMEMBER. Follow me (@soulsearchingkwicker) or #hopewriterlife on Instagram and join in the fun. Photo taken by my husband Jim on the West Fork River, Roanoke, WV.

2 Comments on “REMEMBER

  1. Dear Paula, I thought of you and John as I read this. Sending love…
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    • Sandy, I hold your friends in my heart. Thank you for sharing my post with them; I hope they are blessed.


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