Though I cannot sing with the voice of an angel –
lilting and lovely and pure,
Let my voice ring out with the genuine joy
found in love that is certain and sure.

Though I cannot shout with the voice of an orator –
powerful, persuasive, and strong,
Let my voice speak up with your message of hope,
of a world where we bond and belong.

Though I cannot speak with the voice of a poet –
articulate, cadenced, and deep,
Let my voice softly whisper with tender care
of the goodness you promise to keep.

Though I cannot teach with the voice of an expert –
assuring and helpful and wise,
Let my voice contribute the wisdom received
when I let you be the one who supplies.

This is the first of a weeklong Instagram writing challenge from hope*writers! Today’s prompt is VOICE. Follow me (@soulsearchingkwicker) or #hopewriterlife on Instagram and join in the fun.

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