Last week, I participated in the hope*writers Instagram Challenge; each day we created an Instagram post from a one-word prompt. I hope you are uplifted by the photos and poems I submitted.

Bless you as we begin another new week!


The sign before me read, “Dead End”,
the gate had blocked my way;
the fog then served an invitation:
Pause and regroup today.

Oh, I know a path will open,
an answer will soon be clear,
and I will journey forward –
But for now I’ll remain right here…


Dear precious little one,
I see the world anew
as you transform daily moments
into treasures just for you.

You give me fresh perspective
and help me clearly see
the sacred in the small things
through your enthusiastic glee.

As you immerse yourself in life
you show me I should, too,
and so my soul becomes re-freshed.

Oh my sweet child, thank you.


We have shared delightful times
of bubbles, bikes, balloons
but now attention turns from me
for Mom is coming soon!

Their hopeful expectation
is shining in their eyes
as they set all other things aside
and wait to be surprised.

For the one who loves them so
will soon come into view;
the one whose tender care for them
will gladden them anew.

May their example teach me, God,
how to anticipate
the ever-present love you show
if I just watch and wait.

May my hopeful expectation
be shining in my eyes
as I set all other things aside
and wait to be surprised.


(This painting of Jesus on the Mount of Olives was a gift from my favorite watercolor artist – my dad. I love how the painting depicts Jesus waiting for me at the point where the path begins to turn – the inspiration for my poem today.)

As we journey through this life
you beckon us to follow;
your love will lead us through today
and into each tomorrow.

So when I travel paths unknown,
may I bravely take your hand,
and learn to trust your guidance
as we go around the bend.

For though I simply cannot know
what the future holds for me,
I can still move forward
when I know you’re holding me.


Through the seasons and the cycles,
every turning of the tide,
all creation sets a pace, with
times to act or to abide.

Through the dusks and through the dawns,
every ebb and every flow,
a sacred rhythm is revealed:
times to pause and times to go.

Teach us the rhythm of your song,
when to sing or when to rest,
when to dance or to hum quietly –
that others may be blessed
by the beauty of the music
by the rhythm of our days
by the sound we make together
in a life of lived-out praise.

(All photos by Karen; the last photo is Lake Erie at Maumee Bay)


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