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Cairn #5: A Memorial Marker

The cairn as a memorial marker designating our grief and loss. Grief is in two parts. The first is loss. The second is the remaking of life. ~Anne Roiphe On those days when we cannot seem to find happiness, we should substitute hopefulness. ~… Continue Reading “Cairn #5: A Memorial Marker”

Cairn #4: A Symbol of Connection

The cairn as a symbol of connection. We shall walk together on this path of life, for all things are part of the universe and are connected with each other to form one whole unity. ~Maria Montessori For me, the deepest beauty found in… Continue Reading “Cairn #4: A Symbol of Connection”

Cairn #3: A Course Correction

The cairn as a course correction, placing us on a better path to our final destination. Mistakes have the power to turn youinto something better than you were before. (Unknown) When I began this series, I didn’t have all of the information on cairns… Continue Reading “Cairn #3: A Course Correction”

Cairn #2: A Guide for Our Path

The cairn as a guide for our path. “Hikers use cairns as a form of navigation by placing loose stones in small piles and adding as time goes. This however has been of great concern as inexperienced hikers have unwittingly disrupted the cairns which… Continue Reading “Cairn #2: A Guide for Our Path”

Cairn #1: A Marker of Significance

The cairn as a symbol of designation, a sacred moment noticed and set apart. “The sacred moments, the moments of miracle, are often the everyday moments.” ~Frederick Beuchner It was a difficult and unsettled time for my children, as their dad and I were… Continue Reading “Cairn #1: A Marker of Significance”

(Week 10) Why Have I Been Struggling…?

In these last few weeks, the silences and struggles to connect with Jesus continued. I knew that I was to keep showing up, keep inviting, and keep waiting. But this morning, I had to ask Jesus, “Why have I been struggling to find a… Continue Reading “(Week 10) Why Have I Been Struggling…?”

Cairns for Our Journey (Introduction)

Each new morning, I center myself in God as I walk, pray and ponder. I return home feeling strong and peaceful, refreshed for the day ahead. But in recent months, as the day goes on, the worrisome news keeps coming, and my body and… Continue Reading “Cairns for Our Journey (Introduction)”

(Week 9) What Would You Want Me to Write?

On this particular morning I was feeling more peaceful, so I invited Jesus to walk with me for the second time this week. As usual, I sensed that wonderful feeling of overwhelming holiness in his presence. Aware of my struggles with the silence during… Continue Reading “(Week 9) What Would You Want Me to Write?”

(Week 8) …

As I began this week’s walk with Jesus, I could sense I was struggling right from the start. Part of my struggle was that I hadn’t slowed my spirit enough to settle in and listen. I also sensed that I was pushing for words… Continue Reading “(Week 8) …”

(Week 7) How Would You Have Me Be More Like You?

The seventh time I invited Jesus to walk with me, I felt no need to pause but immediately asked him, “How would you have me be more like you in this world?” Then I rambled on with additional questions to clarify what I was… Continue Reading “(Week 7) How Would You Have Me Be More Like You?”