Here in the northern hemisphere, we are beginning to see new life all around us. We are in the beautiful springtime season, filled with buds and blooms and blossoms! The greening of the countryside is dotted with bursts of pinks, purples, whites, yellows. My neighbors are preparing their small garden plots for seeds and seedlings. Through this season, God is speaking to me of new beginnings, new growth, new life.

How might we sprout, grow, and flourish in this season of new life? In this blog series, the work of gardening will guide our reflections. We may have had a long and barren winter season, but our Creator God always brings forth growth and goodness from all situations and circumstances.

For the Lord will comfort Zion;
    he will comfort all her waste places,
and will make her wilderness like Eden,
    her desert like the garden of the Lord;
joy and gladness will be found in her,
    thanksgiving and the voice of song.

(Isaiah 51:3 NRSV)

What are the ways you are hoping to live anew? How might we grow as genuine and faithful followers? My prayer is that these reflections will uplift weary spirits, bring fresh hope, and foster new growth. This is a new day, a new season, and we can become new people!

I found this lovely prayer to begin our time in the garden…

A Gardener’s Prayer

Help us, Oh God, to be ever mindful of the beauties around us.  May we grow with our flowers in gentleness, patience, courage, laughter and love. As we turn the brown soil and plant our seed, may we learn faith… faith in the goodness of the earth, the clemency of the sun, the fullness of the clouds. May we be grateful for the privilege of being coworkers with You in the creation of even one tiny flower; And grant that we may know the great joy that comes from sharing with others.1

A reflection will be offered each Monday and Wednesday for the next few weeks – and on Fridays, I hope to resume Five Minute Friday posts. May you have a joyful weekend; see you on Monday!

1http://www.coldspringgardenclub.org/ by Julie Howard Motherall, adapted by Karen

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Bible verses found at BibleGateway.com


  1. Loved, loved and continue to love your “Watching for God in Everyday Moments” series!!! I think God asked you do those just for me…your friend who needs to visualize everything for brain clarity 🙂

    Anxiously awaiting next Monday & beyond!!


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