FMF Writing Prompt Link-up :: Excuse – Five Minute Friday

Today’s Five Minute Friday word prompt brings a smile! I am reminded of a morning years ago, when my son was in high school…

The students were taking final exams, so they were on a different class schedule. As long as they had written permission from a parent, the students were allowed to leave the building during the hours when they were not testing. I knew my son had a few free hours, so I offered to write a note to excuse him from class.

He wouldn’t accept my offer. Instead, he informed me that he wanted to find a way to sneak out of the building! We laughed, but I suggested that he carry a note just in case he was caught. “No, thank you. That would take away the challenge,” he replied, and he headed out the door.

Later I relished hearing his story of how he DID find a way to sneak out, the clever ways he managed to get by some obstacles (including a hall monitor), and the small victory he felt when he succeeded. I could sense the thrill and excitement of the challenge in his voice.

And inwardly I wondered how many daring adventures I have missed, simply because I had an excuse.  

(Five Minute Friday is an online writing community. Each week, we are given a one-word prompt and about five minutes to write. You may find other posts or add your own at the link above!)


  1. Too funny! I thought about keeping our son home from school today too as they are doing “nothing” on this last Friday of the school year. But, alas there is no real excuse for him NOT going to school. I think he’ll see friends and goof off with whatever free time the teachers give. I hope we all find some time to be brave and seek out a challenge this week! Sincerely, Jennifer, Graceglimmers FMF

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    • Oh Jennifer, these sons of ours will teach us AND make us laugh, won’t they? And YES, may we all be brave in the ways we are called. Thanks for visiting!


  2. Your son definitely walked in an adventurous mindset in challenging himself to sneak out of school with no back-up excuse in his pocket!
    Lisa, FMF #13 Excuse Her


    • Thank you for visiting, Lisa! And I had another thought… maybe he found more courage knowing that I would be there for him if he was caught. Another good reason for me to have courage – God always has us covered!


  3. Haha! This is awesomely hilarious. What an adventurer you’ve raised!

    And the point about how many adventures you’ve missed out on yourself because you had an excuse is a poignant one. It’s giving me something to reflect on in my own life today!


  4. I loved that you supported him and gave him an out. So fun!!! Deirdre FMF#1


    • Hi Terri! Thanks for stopping by. It has been a while since I have participated in FMF, and I’m so blessed to reconnect with dear writer friends. Hope you are well, too!


  5. Wow!! What a fun story! I am such a rule follower, I could never do this! Glad your son had this adventure.


  6. What a fun story! I can just see a lanky teen boy sneaking out of school! What fun is senior skip day if it’s authorized!


  7. We’re told that we must ask permission,
    ask others that our plans they bless
    but the far more noble mission
    is hoping for forgiveness
    when we bypass what was taught
    in those childhood days afar,
    and today just have been caught
    with both hands in the cookie jar.
    Better now to pay the price
    for the meeting of the challenge
    with chin held high, and smile as nice
    as circumstantially we can manage,
    knowing (belt comes off), cliche’s not true,
    “This will hurt me worse than you.”


  8. You’re a wonderful storyteller! And I love (and can relate to!) your concluding line: “And inwardly I wondered how many daring adventures I have missed, simply because I had an excuse.” Eager to read more of your posts, as time permits.


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