Monday-First Week of Advent

2. Choosing to Enter the Desert- Leaving Our Distractions Behind

Notice that the sand is pure and empty of anything else. Like the sand, the desert is a place of barrenness. There are no distractions, nothing to keep us from simply being still and noticing God. Many have purposely ventured into the desert as a way to empty themselves with the intention of seeing God more clearly.

Read Exodus 3:1-5

When Moses led his flock beyond the wilderness to the mountain of Horeb, he noticed a burning bush that was not being consumed by fire. Perhaps Moses would not have noticed the bush if he had been on familiar ground- and less attentive to his surroundings. God spoke to Moses from the bush, calling the place where Moses stood, “holy ground.” God then shared big plans for Moses, asking him to help the Israelites.

What keeps you from noticing God’s presence and action in your life? What particular distractions keep you from being attentive to the “burning bushes” where God may be speaking to you?

 How might you spend this Advent with a bit more simplicity? Where will you find “holy ground’ moments? Where and when can you take off your sandals to pause and to listen?

 Are you courageous enough to step closer to those burning bushes and listen for God? Even if God calls you to risk or surrender or change?




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