Tuesday- First Week of Advent

3. Venturing Into the Desert- Leaving Our Fears Behind

Read Isaiah 43:18-19

We may be called to journey into the desert wilderness, but we will never go alone. We may face uncertainty, but we need not be afraid. God plans to do a new thing. God will make the way for us and provide refreshment for our souls.

What are some fears you may have about entering the barrenness or emptiness of the desert? Ask God to show you your inner fears. Then ask God for the loving trust only God can provide. We are in good hands.

Spend some time in “desert” solitude this day to be still with God- and to attentively listen and trust. Find a quiet corner or a special place to just be in silence with God, even if only for ten minutes. End your quiet time with a prayer of thanks for God’s constant presence.

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