Rainy Day Reflections


Yesterday was a frustrating day. I’d planned to update my iPod but couldn’t get it to sync. I had plenty of time to write- but too many thoughts cluttered my mind. Words just would not flow into creative ideas. The rains poured down, so I was unable to keep my usual walking routine. Every day of life is a precious one to be used wisely and abundantly, and so I felt frustrated and discouraged. I had no sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

But during my quiet reflection time with God this morning, my word for 2017 came to mind. Thrive. My word is thrive, NOT strive. Although strive might be an excellent word for another year, it isn’t my word- my way of being- for 2017.

My agendas and resolutions were beginning to become more of my own striving, and less about my thriving. According to the Word Thesaurus, “strive” is to endeavor, struggle, attempt, try, make every effort, or do one’s best- while “thrive” is to flourish, bloom, grow well, increase, succeed, prosper, or be healthy.

In order for a plant to thrive, the conditions for growth must be right. The seed must lie underground until the temperatures have warmed, the seed has been sufficiently nourished, and its outer shell has softened enough for the sprout to break through. If I am to thrive, I must remain dormant until I am nourished and prepared. I must refrain from forcing an early sprouting before my surroundings are conducive for growth. I must not be too eager to produce and bloom ahead of schedule. The ‘being healthy’ part of thriving is to find the necessary balance between growing and producing, or resting and receiving nourishment. I hope that I will discover the best timing for myself as I observe the seasons and timing for all of God’s creation.

Perhaps my greatest challenge this year is to know when to NOT challenge myself! Oh, this thrive word. I believe it has much to teach me!

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