Honk If You Love…


I took advantage of this beautiful afternoon to enjoy a long walk around our apartment complex. As I meandered around the buildings and hills, I could see four elementary school children gathered at one corner of the road. They were obviously having a great time, laughing and talking as cars passed.

When I finally approached the group, I saw that they were doing those arm pumps kids love to do, hoping that passing drivers would honk their horns.

So I walked by them on the side of the road, holding my imaginary steering wheel, pushing my  imaginary horn and yelling, “Beep!” out of my imaginary window.

Their surprise turned to excitement as they asked one another, “That counts, doesn’t it?” “That counts!”

So I asked, “Oh, are you keeping track? How many do you have so far?”

They looked around at one another before one young man turned back to me and replied:


10 Comments on “Honk If You Love…

  1. I actually giggled out loud! I’m still smiling 🙂 Great story.


  2. I can picture this whole scenario in my mind! Classic Karen! Hugs to you.


  3. It is always fun for me to check out the “website offerings” by the “Christ in Our Home” quarterly devotional authors – which is how I discovered Karen’s blog. Well here comes another “Bookmark” choice! Thank you Karen Wicker!


  4. Hello old friend! So happy to see you are one of the writers of Christ in Our Home. Looking forward to reading this & the blog!


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