Not So Random

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On a recent walk I happened to find a penny on the side of the road. Many of you know that pennies have become a treasured reminder of God’s love for me. I often find them at especially appropriate times or in unusual places, so that I believe the finding is more than coincidence. So much of God’s movement is found in those little moments when we just pay attention enough to notice.

This particular penny was on the side of a busy road. It had obviously been there a while, as it was quite damaged, dirty, and nearly buried in the gravel. Upon picking it up I speculated about all of the incidents that took place in order for me to find this penny…

The road is a busy one with no houses facing it. Unlike a parking lot or store, there would be no reason for someone to be looking in a pocket or purse at this spot. I imagine someone in the neighborhood further up the road dropped the penny while exiting a vehicle and either didn’t notice or didn’t bother to pick it up. Eventually rains came and washed the penny down the hill to this lowest resting spot. Or perhaps a snow plow carried it along. There it remained, getting battered and buried for some time while no one else noticed it. I wouldn’t have either; I normally walk on the left side of the road, facing traffic. But on this day I decided to move to the right side so I could be more easily seen by oncoming traffic. That’s when I happened to look down and wonder, “Is that a penny in the dirt?”

I am thankful for the person who dropped this penny some time ago. God can use the smallest actions to make a difference. Even our little, insignificant, “unnoticed” acts of kindness may help someone along the way- or down the road. Never underestimate your power to change the world or your corner of the world. You may never know how you have impacted someone, but God is able to use it all. Life isn’t as random as we may think. Nor are we!

4 Comments on “Not So Random

  1. So good to see you❣️I too am a “penny picker upper”, always reminding me, “in God we trust”❣️😇


  2. Dear Karen, I have been looking closely for evidence of God’s presence. Monday a woman gave me the book “meditations for women who do too much”. I require reminders to be present to the spirit, yet my life is rich when I do. Thank you for the penny reminder!


    • Thanks for sharing this with me, Crystal! And yes, we all need reminders- and we are given them. 😀


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