The Intimacy of Laughter


When our daughter married, we not only gained a great son-in-law, we also gained 3 wonderful grandsons. It has been a pleasure getting to know them; a true joy to love them. The other day I was taking them home after school. One of the boys said something funny, and all of us began laughing- so hard that one worried that “snot would come out of his nose!”

The joy of that laughter will always be a treasured memory. But it also showed me how far we’ve come. The boys and I now trust one another enough to let go of our reserved demeanor. We are comfortable enough to laugh- ridiculously and loudly. Our relationship deepened that day. I know we are now more genuinely connected and relaxed with one another.

God gives me lots of reasons to laugh, and I hope the laughter is mutual. I hope that, even as I regard God with awe and majesty, my relationship with God is also intimate, relaxed, honest and free. I hope that I bring God joy with my foibles and silliness. I hope that God laughed with me on a morning walk a few months ago…

My walks are mindful times when I especially try to remain attentive to God and aware of any ways God may be working in or around me. I start to consider almost anything that catches my attention to be a source of inspiration or a possible message! But sometimes I wonder if God thinks I am trying too hard; that my efforts to glean inspiration are more about MY needs and not God’s.

On this particular morning, I saw what appeared to be a black tee shirt heaped in a lump on the sidewalk. I noticed some white lettering as I passed by, and I wondered if this might be a new message! Just for ME, from God! I turned back to get a closer look. I didn’t want to appear foolish, so I planned to pick up the shirt and hang it on a railing. Perhaps this would help the owner find it, but also give me a chance to discreetly read God’s word for me.

So I picked up the shirt, only to discover… it wasn’t a shirt. It was a pair of men’s black undershorts. The special word of inspiration God had for me? “Hanes.” Embarrassed, I quickly dropped the underwear. (Besides, I wasn’t sure anyone would appreciate seeing his underwear on display.)

I was gently and humorously reminded that everything isn’t always about me. I like to imagine God laughing at the joke on me! I know I did! And perhaps our silly little moment together deepened my intimacy with God, too. I don’t have to be dignified and reverent to be with God, and God can be silly with me. I believe that the Underwear Incident of 2017 served us both quite well.


PS: the image is not the actual black underwear. I still have a bit of dignity. 😀

4 Comments on “The Intimacy of Laughter

  1. Reading your words always touches my soul. Thank you.


  2. I wrote yesterday but it didn’t post! Glad to see you again❣️ l just love our Amazing, Loving God’s sense of humor! It lifts me up and helps me get through the bad “stuff” with a new perspective! Tears to laughter 😥😄❣️Thank you, as always and God Bless❣️❤️💕🙏


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