One Leaf at a Time


There’s a chill in the morning air and I see glimpses of color beginning to show on the trees. Autumn- my favorite season- is upon us! Not only do I delight in the colors, the aromas, and the tastes of autumn, but my soul always gleans blessings from the rhythm and cycle of the seasons.

This year I find a lesson in the early-autumn leaves.

These first few leaves aren’t as striking or glorious as when the full tree is ablaze with color. But when I see them, I joyfully anticipate that the whole tree will soon be bright and colorful. The brilliant glories of autumn will fully shine once every leaf becomes its true color.

The early-autumn leaves are setting an example for me. In our desperately hurting world, I often feel too insignificant to make a real difference. Honestly, sometimes this insignificant feeling leads me to inaction. The example of one early-autumn leaf has much to teach me about this.

~ One colorful leaf becomes a sign of hope. It shows me that times are changing. It is a small revelation of splendors yet to come.

~ One colorful leaf doesn’t draw attention to itself, but unites with others to bring beauty and glory to the tree.

~ One colorful leaf has become radiant because it has stopped storing up for itself and has begun to surrender itself for the good of the whole tree.

~ One colorful leaf symbolizes the lovely truth that surrender and sacrifice only lead to new life and resurrection in the spring.

The season of autumn seems very timely this year. I am only one person. You are only one person. But as people of faith and love, we can learn from the early-autumn leaf. One caring sign of hope, one humble life of simplicity, one outreach to another in unity, and one life of surrender and sacrifice… together we can become the selfless, serving, shining splendor of God’s love in our world.

3 Comments on “One Leaf at a Time

  1. Good to see you again! A few set backs for me left my e-mail unattended for a week! I love Fall, And also love Spring! I love that God gives us such Beauty. We watch as His Seasons mirror them all on one tree! I love that l have been Blessed with a Granddaughter-law who takes photos of all of God’s Beauty in places all over the world, as they travel to places the Airforce sends them! Even though the places l have been to and lived in are limited, my Gratitude for God’s amazingly Beautiful gifts is endless! I also read Fairwell to the Black Guy today!
    He was your Guardian Angel, but perhaps you were his! God Bless❣️


  2. I am so glad to hear from you! I was actually thinking of you on my morning walk today. Yes, the seasons gift us in so many ways. It sounds as if your granddaughter in law has an appreciation, too.
    Yes, I wonder about my Guardian Angel often. What a blessing he was to me.
    Sending love to you!


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