Imported from old computer 834

(Grand Tetons, May 2015)

Your refreshing stream of universal love
astonishingly cascades forth,
flowing generously for all to enjoy.

And I…
I am the immovable boulder midstream
stubbornly impeding your movement,
while cutting the feet of those
who long to enter into your love-stream
with my slippery, jagged edges.

Keep washing over me…
until your stream lovingly smooths my ragged edges
with abrasive grit culled from other rocks;
until your stream tenderly soothes my rough surfaces
with cleansing rinses that heal and hone.

And I…
I will become the rounded stone
allowing your love to flow freely around me,
while giving the feet of those
who long to enter into your love-stream
a stepping stone for drawing near.

Keep washing into me…
until your stream eventually penetrates my hidden depths
with your gentle but persistent nudges;
until your stream removes my stony hardness of heart
with your needful and compassionate erosion.

And I…
I will become the porous stone
gradually opening to your love moving within me;
to become less stone and more space
for you to simply flow through me to those
who long to enter your love-stream.

Keep washing under me…
until your stream finally dislodges my stubborn stance
with your pervasive and directing flow;
until I tumble free from all that is holding me back,

and allow your love to carry me away.

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