Peace in the Dawn of the New Day- Monday, December 25th

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The Light of the Sun

Luke 1:78-79 (NRSV)

By the tender mercy of our God,
the dawn from on high will break upon us,
to give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death,
to guide our feet into the way of peace.

It is a new day. The Dawn has come. The sun has fully risen, and the Son is fully here. The dawn from on high HAS broken upon us, not because of anything we have done, but only because of the tender mercy of our God. God has loved our imperfect selves so much that God chose to become One with us, God incarnate, God in the flesh, God living among us… God in Jesus. It IS a new day.

We know the rest of the story. This tiny infant, born humbly among us, grew into a young man to teach, heal, love and serve us. In the end, he died, because we were unable to understand his ways; we were unable to comprehend his incredible love. Like the full light of the sun, we were unable to take it all in. But once again, in God’s infinite mercy and love, God redeemed us all by raising Jesus to new life.

Which brings us to one last place where the Dawn of Light will arise. Jesus has given us one more amazing gift: the gift of his Holy Spirit. The light in our souls arises and awakens us to new life in Christ! Through the Spirit, we have inner hope, love, and joy. Through the Spirit, we are guided into the way of peace. We walk with humble feet into places we are called, ready to love and serve. We walk without fear, because we know that we have a Guide for every step. Let the Dawn of Light arise and shine brightly in our hearts and souls!

God’s peace shines upon every step of our journey.

2 Comments on “Peace in the Dawn of the New Day- Monday, December 25th

  1. Your last paragraph, moves me and resonates like the peace and light of our Lord! Amen to all your wonderful message! So Blessed to have found you! I look forward to one day meeting you in our Father’s house! You are a treasure❣️💕❤️🤗🙏🙏


    • Happy day and thank you, as always! You brought a smile to think I get to meet you one day. Love you.

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