Bird vs. Karen

cell as of May 1 2018 005

cell as of May 1 2018 004

Last week I found a pile of dried grass and twigs on our front porch. Looking up, I could see where a bird had attempted to build a nest on our porch light. The lamp does not have a flat base so most of the grass had fallen through. I pulled the few remaining grasses off the lamp and swept the pile away.

Since then, each morning I find more grass on the porch with just a few straggles left on the lamp. Had the bird tried to build the nest on a window sill or our back porch light, I wouldn’t have been as concerned. Our entryway is just not a good place for the nest, so I have been sweeping and removing all week.  And every day, the silly bird comes back!

I have gone from admiring the bird’s beautiful perseverance to shaking my head at the bird’s stubborn foolishness. When does perseverance become a stubborn, silly struggle in futility? This morning I wanted to ask the bird, “Do you realize how foolish you are being, how futile this is?”

Then I realized that the bird could ask me the very same question! 😀

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