Life’s Little Annoyances

(I shared this with my Facebook friends… thought my blog readers might appreciate  reading this, too!)

There was a strong breeze on my walk this afternoon. I was becoming slightly annoyed that my hair kept blowing in my face, until I thought, “Wait… my HAIR is annoying me!”

My hair is finally long enough to annoy me after losing it to chemo three years ago. Suddenly I was grateful for this “annoyance” and grateful I am alive to be annoyed! I’m thanking God for all of life’s little annoyances today.

Still working on mosquitoes. 

2 Comments on “Life’s Little Annoyances

  1. Well Karen your friends are all very glad you are here to have hair, and birds “ bothering” you too❣️❤️💕🤗🙏🙏


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