An Unprepared Advent #5: And Still He Comes


Life has been rich and full and busy- with new ministries, a new granddaughter on the way, visits to Toledo and Little Mountain, working long and full days, attending and hosting seasonal events, and preparing for Christmas. All of these have been wonderful blessings, things we are delighted to have done. But I have missed my usual Advent traditions of writing daily blogs, sending Christmas letters, and even walking and reflecting each morning. I hurriedly baked cookies yesterday- and my haste was evident in the results. Christmas is here, and I feel so “Unprepared,” which seems to be my daily theme for Advent this year.

On Sunday morning, I was sitting next to my friend, Elaina, and as we waited for the worship service to begin, we were discussing how we weren’t feeling ready for Christmas at all. We were still scrambling to get everything prepared, and our souls were feeling “scrambled,” too.

But then… our talented and uplifting music team began our worship with “Oh Come, All Ye Faithful” and our voices joined in with glorious celebration. My eyes filled with tears, my soul warmed and softened, and my voice sang out with deep gratitude and joy. I turned to Elaina, and her surprised delight was obvious, too. No, we weren’t ready. But ready or not, Jesus was coming anyway!

We can be totally Unprepared. Still, Jesus comes.

Love has come, Love still comes, Love always comes, to our broken or busy or burdened hearts.

So come now, one and all. Come- let us adore Him!


Happy holidays, dear ones.

4 Comments on “An Unprepared Advent #5: And Still He Comes

  1. Another great message! In church today, Pastor Rob’s message was “Ready or not, here He comes”


    • Thank you, Becky! Sounds as if the Spirit was moving us in the same way this year. I once gave a message with the same theme, Ready or Not. It is a perfect way to consider this Gift from God. Happy new year!


  2. Merry Christmas dear friend and a Blessed 2019! I was Blessed to be at Resurrection Lutheran Church ( a new church for our Pastor) and closer to our home! My son and his family, including our New York Granddaughter took me and it was an evening beyond all expectations! I am so ready for Jesus, and in spite of your message, You are as ready And prepared, as anyone l know! God’s timing is perfect! So you don’t do as much as you did last year? I doubt that! You have a Granddaughter to get ready for and busy with many new ministries so it sounds like you have stepped up your “preparing the way”! You still find time for Simply Soul Searching! God Bless you, you inspire us all!


    • Oh, I’m glad your Christmas was a blessing! Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate. And thank you for your kind words, my friend. Happy new year!


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