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An Unprepared Advent #5: And Still He Comes

Life has been rich and full and busy- with new ministries, a new granddaughter on the way, visits to Toledo and Little Mountain, working long and full days, attending and hosting seasonal events, and preparing for Christmas. All of these have been wonderful blessings,… Continue Reading “An Unprepared Advent #5: And Still He Comes”

And the Darkness Shall Not Overcome It (An Unprepared Advent #4)

In his devotional book, Preparing for Christmas, Richard Rohr writes, “The darkness will never totally go away… the darkness isn’t going to disappear, but as John’s Gospel says, the light shines on inside of the darkness, and the darkness will not overcome it…  Our Christian wisdom is… Continue Reading “And the Darkness Shall Not Overcome It (An Unprepared Advent #4)”

An Unprepared Advent #3: In “A Different Light”

As I waited in the service area for an oil change, a young mom with her two small sons caught my attention. She was well-prepared for their time of waiting, and she offered them small toys, books, patient answers, and a loving lap on… Continue Reading “An Unprepared Advent #3: In “A Different Light””

An Unprepared Advent #2: When There are No Alternate Routes

After living in Toledo for almost 60 years, I was accustomed to having alternate routes available when I drive. The landscape is flat in northwest Ohio, so most of the roadways are organized into neat, square grids. Detours are merely a matter of turning… Continue Reading “An Unprepared Advent #2: When There are No Alternate Routes”

An Unprepared Advent

Each year around the first part of October, I eagerly begin considering ideas and themes for my Advent devotional blogs. I love to write devotions, especially in Advent! This creative, prayerful practice helps prepare my heart for Christmas and the Spirit of Christ. Writing… Continue Reading “An Unprepared Advent”