Five Minute Friday: How

Thanks again to Kate Motaung and the FMF Community for these Friday inspirations! If you are interested in participating, simply follow the link under the image.

This week’s prompt is HOW.


How do I best serve you, God? How do I know what will please you the most? How can I discern whether I am truly following your will, letting you lead me, and doing all that I am called to do?

Love me with all your heart. Love others generously and genuinely.

Thank you, God, I know these words of Jesus. I will try my best to heed them. But is there more I should know or do? How should I live my life?

Love your life, too.

Live each day in gratitude, for each breath is a gift. An obedient, pleasing life is not contingent on the particular paths you take, but that all of your life paths- whether planned, unexpected, or rerouted- are savored as precious journeys. It is not the direction you go, but how you take each step. For every step is bringing you closer to people who need your love and mine.

Every step is drawing you closer to me.

12 Comments on “Five Minute Friday: How

  1. Beautiful! I feel like there could be several greeting cards made from these words. They are encouraging and should be shared.


  2. Oh Karen, I ask all these “how” questions too! Thank you for the encouragement! God bless!


  3. Shared Respite and your 5 minute Blog today with Sandi! They were just perfect! Glad you are doing the 5 minute challenge! Enjoying these bonus posts❣️ Blessings❣️🙏🙏😇


  4. Oh, that question, “How do I best serve You?”

    It seems to be that for me the answer is writing (which I don’t enjoy) about living and dying with cancer (which I really don’t enjoy).

    But if I’m serving Him the way He nees, well, that I enjoy.

    Does that make sense?


    • My new friend, your words surprise and inspire me… thank you for sharing a bit of your journey. My words feel inadequate, but I hope you know that you are in my heart. Keep writing! I will be following. Take care of you!

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      • Karen, your words are anything but inadequate; in this desert of despair, they are the water of life.

        My doc says I should have been dead four years ago (closer to five, now); he has no idea why I still live, an believe me, there are times I don’t want to live. Like today; the pain’s over the moon. Pancreatic cancer and non-H lymphoma, with metastases in the lungs…that’s not groovy.

        But God disposes, and I am determined to hew to His desires. I have been well-trained in the arts of war (and am a very experienced and ruthless practitioner), and these help me now to fulfill a destiny I do not want, but embrace with all my heart.

        But, by God, it’s hard, and it hurts so much!

        And your words brought sunlight to a very black day. I am so, so grateful.

        If you are the praying sort, prayers are so needed…I can only quote Tennyson here, from ‘The Death of Arthur’, the last poem in the cycle ‘The Idylls of the King’

        Pray for my soul. More things are wrought by prayer
        Than this world dreams of. Wherefore, let thy voice
        Rise like a fountain for me night and day.
        For what are men better than sheep or goats
        That nourish a blind life within the brain,
        If, knowing God, they lift not hands of prayer
        Both for themselves and those who call them friend?
        For so the whole round earth is every way
        Bound by gold chains about the feet of God.

        I hope you have not found this reply too tedious; you touched my dying heart, and I am replying in the only manner I can.


      • Tears… tears of sadness for your pain and struggle, but also the tears that flow from your story of strength, courage, and humble faith and trust in God. Thank you again. I have already started praying but the Tennyson prayer will guide me further. “More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.” Amen. Peace, dear Andrew.


  5. Live each day in gratitude is a good approach. ❤


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