Five Minute Friday: Worth

God, help me to remember that my worth is found in your loving gaze.

Much like the ragged but beloved stuffed animal, you behold me as a treasure, no matter how worn and weary I may feel.

Much like the photo of a precious and tender moment in time, you delight in my goodness even amid my ordinary or dreary days.

Much like the faces of those I hold dear, you light up with love and joy each time I seek your presence.

From the moment I was given birth,
You are the One to give me my worth.

Thank you.

16 Comments on “Five Minute Friday: Worth

  1. From the very moment we drew our first breath to the day we draw our last – we are worth much to Him! Beautiful to think on this morning!


  2. “….no matter how worn and weary I may feel.”


  3. It can be so hard to ‘feel’ that worth, sometimes…during this last night I kept running out of air, having to try to get enough by breathing through the mouth (which gets real dry real quick), and wondering just where God was in all this, and what’s it all about?

    But it’s not really a matter of ‘feeling’, this faith thing. It’s intention. Feeling is like passing cloud-shadows, alternating sunlight, while intentionally taking the time to study and know is the whole sky itself.

    It’s like unerstanding the worth of Easter…if you don’t know the Gospels and the Passion and the Resurrection, the day’s worth is confined to coloured eggs and talking rabbits

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    • I marvel at your spirit, and yet I know that you would be the first to say that your strength and faith are from beyond you. Your words today are significant for me. Faith IS intention.

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  4. Lovely words to start the day! Lovely all day long! I have been trying to convince a friend that she is worthy and worth so much to our Lord, beyond comprehension! That is where Faith steps in and you are so right‼️Faith Really is Intentional❣️🙏🙏👍🤗


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